Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pink Eye?

My left eye hurt last week like I had a sty, sore eye. I  put some Frankincense on my cheek bone before I went to bed that night and woke up to a normal eye. Then Sunday while I was writing letters it started to hurt again, this time in a different spot, same eye. It got more red as the day went on. Monday I woke up to it running and very red. I looked up pink eye, although it looked like red eye to me, and from what I read it may have been that. In the Essential Oils Desk Reference it mentions to use lavender oil for pink eye and Inner Defense for infections. I put some lavender on my cheek bone and eyebrow and took three Inner Defense throughout the day. Then a cold rag. This seemed to help a lot. Still red when I woke up Tuesday morning. I had a training day with one of my distributors all day Tuesday. She took good care of me. Having just come back from the Young Living Farm in St. Maries Idaho, she had me put the water from the distilled Melissa crop they had just harvested, on a rag, on my eye all day. Wow! I felt the effects immediately. I also drank some and had a shot of Ningxia Red. By the time I went home my eye was no longer red and I felt much better! Today, no more redness. Amazing and awesome products. I love my oils!


  1. If I had known I would have suggested EyeBright Tea. It's a tea for your external body, used for allergies and eye facial infections. Brew some and dip a rag in it and lay it on your face til it cools and repeat. It's wonderful. Glad you're feeling better, pink eye sucks. Lavender is how we got brenidee's clogged tear duct to go away when she was little, it took a while but it eventually worked :)

  2. Thanks! The Melissa water worked great, learned something new. Use to use Eye Bright tea years ago. Great to know.