Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Death and Oils

Going through the transition from this life to the next is not always easy. We recently lost a good friend and then a few days later, my husbands cousin passed away. These passing's caused me to think about dying and why it feels so unsettling. Sometimes it is difficult for those who pass over, most often it is harder for those of us left behind. I lost both my parents, within two years of each other, over twenty years ago. My father's passing was emotional because we did not have a good relationship and I was mad at him for dying, plus I was angry at the things he did that hurt me while he was alive. Because I desired to learn more about my father and why he did things that brought me emotional pain, I eventually came to forgive him and release my sadness. I used the essential oil blend called Forgiveness along with keeping a forgiveness journal. These two things helped me immensely.

My mother and I were best friends. When she took ill she wanted me to heal her. I knew that was not a possibility or in my power to do so. She had had a dream a year before her death telling her she was going to die. She told me that she had never felt better and that her dream must have another meaning. I thought that was unusual because she was a dream counselor and she knew dreams and their meanings very well. She had taught me how to interpret dreams, and as I prayed for an interpretation of her dream, I was told she would indeed die within the year.  Her death was more of a sacred sadness and I knew I would miss her with all my heart. Amazingly and with gratitude, at times I still feel her close to me.

There are some wonderful essential oil blends that Young Living has created for assistance in times of trauma and death. A good friend of mine told me how they used Valor when her grandmother passed. Then there is the blend Trauma Life which was created to "help release buried emotional trauma resulting from accidents, neglect, the death of a loved one, assault, or abuse". I have also found the blend Peace and Calming to be helpful in times of sadness, as well as the blend called Joy. However, my favorite oil for bringing me to a sense of peace is Geranium. One day while working in my garden I was allowed to see myself and a dear friend walking in the heavenly gardens and the scent was that of Geranium. When I smell it, I feel like I have come home.

Of Royal Birth

We were created spirits of Heavenly birth
Where we learned to love and grow in a blessed place.
Patiently waiting our chance to come to earth
Excited, yet concerned, that we may never again see His face.

Then with wonderment and awe we began our journey
embraced in the arms of love by our mortal parents.
Wide eyed and happy, not at all in a hurry,
We trusted in them for valuable guidance.

A gift of free agency was given to us all.
We would be judged according to our works and desires,
We chose to learn, to rise, to fall,
Parents, teachers, and leaders always there to assist and inspire.

Discovering that life was indeed quite the challenge,
We struggled, prayed and followed the path
That led to our God hoping He may expunge
The wrongs we had done, with love and not wrath.

Then we read in the scriptures the admonitions of Paul
Where we were reminded that we could endure all things.
The sacred sacrifice, the gift of His love is for us all,
We chose to remember the life and resurrection of our Savior
and the joy this message brings.

Onward, pressing forward, our Heavenly home was our goal
Knowing full well that it was appointed unto us to die.
Our life experience, an important growth for our soul,
Life's choices and learning, for our salvation would now apply.

Please know that it is with joy that we leave this home called Earth
And our parting message to those who remain in this place
is to remember who you are, a child of God, you are of royal birth.
With excitement we return home to once again see His face,
and anxiously await His loving embrace.

-By Laina Lloyd-Smithson