Thursday, May 5, 2011

Neurological Diseases

I recently bought myself a new book titled "Essential Oils Integrative Medical Guide" by D. Gary Young. In doing some research for one of my distributors concerning Multiple Sclerosis, the book guided me to the section on Neurological Diseases. In this section I learned that Juniper essential oil promotes nerve function. The book also mentions that people with neurological diseases often suffer from emotions of fear, anger and depression. It is recommended that the essential oil of frankincense be used to assist in healing and releasing these emotional concerns. No wonder I love it so much! So many of us experience these feelings, and knowing this about frankincense should offer us all some help. I never leave home without my frankincense. I also read that using hot packs is discouraged. Think of the neurological problem as an inflammation. To put a flame out you would not add more heat, or more fire, you would add coolness, such as a cold pack.

One of my favorite Young Living products is called Sulfurzyme. I take this on a daily basis. It contains MSM, a naturally occurring organic form of dietary sulfur. Gary Young mentions in his book that sulfur deficiency is a very prevalent problem with people suffering from neurological diseases. I usually take it to assist me with joint aches and pains. My husband has found that it assists him during hay fever times with his allergies. Wow, I never knew it could help with neurological problems as well. Love it!

In continuing with my reading I learned that Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disease where the body's own immune system attacks the nerves. The book mentions that the following essential oils may help:
Blue Yarrow
Thyme linalol
wintergreen or birch

I continued to read about a simple way to keep MS symptoms from worsening. Again I read that it is important to stay cool and avoid areas and activities that would heat the body. Cold baths and swimming have proven to be helpful. If one becomes overheated or experiences worsening of symptoms, "lower the body temperature by laying them on a table, covering them with a sheet, ice, shower curtain, and blankets (in that order). Work the feet with oils and watch for benefits." (pg 440)

For anyone suffering from MS or other neurological diseases, I suggest you purchase this book. There is an MS Regimen to be performed daily outlined on page 440 of the book.

Under MS in the book "Essential Oils Desk Reference" it  mentions that the blends of Valor and Aroma Siez may be useful. Under "Other Dietary Supplementation" the following products are listed: Sulfurzyme, MultiGreens, Power Meal, Mega Cal, Super C, Super B, Ningxia Red.

For those of you suffering from these types of diseases, you can go to my web site at to read and learn more about these products. If you are interested in purchasing one of these books, go to This is my favorite site for books and miscellaneous health products.

May you be blessed in your healing journey!

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